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The countryside of Ferrara offers a lot of interesting themes for a visit, on a short term basis, just for a weekend, or for long term stay, with a full immersion in its territory, very rich of cultural and naturalistic points of interest.

On the historical side, the remains of the renaissance Este court with the summer residences and hunting places  "Delizie Estensi", castles and relaxing gardens where the Duca spent his summer days with its court, Belriguardo CastleVerginese Castle with its Brolo and Mesola Castle, have preserved until nowadays a great quote of their ancient magnificence.
The Benedictine Abbey of Pomposa is another very interesting historical monument to visit. The ancient lagoon city of Comacchio with its large salty marshes will fascinate you for its out of time aspect.
On the naturalistic side the Po Delta Park, with its never ending succession of salt marshes, river branches and seashores, is one of the best places in Europe for birdwatching.
Ferrara and its territory, because of its beauty and unicity, are acknowledged as an UNESCO world heritage.
The Belriguardo castle "Delizia di Belriguardo" is only 6 km far from Le Occare guest house. It was the real summer residence of the Este government and, at its best, was like a little Italian Versailles, and it was described  by Goethe with admiration.  Now it begins to revive form ruins that followed the end of the Este family. The superb fresco of the Sala della Vigna, not always accessible to visits (ask at the Museum desk), is a real masterpiece of the "Officina Ferrarese" and is a very good demonstration of the wealth of the place at the time of the Este family. The close Roman necropolis of Voghenza and the Voghiera Museum (inside the Belriguardo Delizia)  are a fully convincing demonstration of the importance of this site, ancient archiepiscopal seat and stably inhabited since the Etruscan age.  The near  Massari Ricasoli Villa (1725), with its secular park, is another interesting site to visit. The "Parco del Delta del Po", the "Valli di Comacchio"  (fresh and salt water marshes) and the wooden area of the "Boscone della Mesola", that you can reach very easily following the road for Portogaribaldi, are places of great interest for people who love nature and birdwatching. If you have time, a very good way to visit the Park of the Po Delta area is to hire a houseboat and to follow the slow course of the channels and valleys. You may also visit the Guide to Ferrara and the Guide to Po Delta Park.
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