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Po Delta Park

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The “Delta del Po" Park is a natural reserve located in the Delta area of the Po river. The Po Delta is a large wetland formed by marshes, channels, lagoons, rivers and, of course,  sea. The “Delta del Po” Park  has an enormous naturalistic interest because of the biodiversity and the variate ecosystems that it offers.
The area of the Po Delta is the perfect habitat for a lot of species of birds and is a real paradise for birdwatchers and lovers of birding.
The territory presents a real interest not only on the naturalistic side but also on the cultural one, with a lot of important artistic and historical monuments, like the  Mesola Castle, the Pomposa abbey , Comacchio, Ravenna with its churches and monuments and also the remaining of the Etruscan civilization at Spina.
The area has been recently acknowledged as an Unesco World Heritage.

You will find a very fine interactive map of the Delta del Po park here

Here is a list of some of the most interesting places to visit in the “Delta del Po” area:
Valli di Comacchio
Zone Umide di Ravenna
Boscone della Mesola
Punta Albereta e Valle Mandrioli
Pineta di Ravenna, San Vitale e Classe
Abbazia di Pomposa
Castello della Mesola
There are many possibilities to explore the area, of course you can visit the Park by car, bicycle and walking but you can also:
take a trip with a motorboat to visit the Delta area (from Gorino or Portogaribaldi, phones: 0533999815, 0532999817, 0533999883, 3336561161, 336363322, 3996915177 o 0533999576, 3355875607, 330264902)
hire a kayak or an houseboat (at Ferrara or Porto Levante  phone 0426666025 or Ostellato phone 0533680757)
take a flight with a little plane (aeroclub Ferrara phone 333288265, aeroclub Valle Gaffaro phone 3493260251, 3407343905) or with a balloon (phone 33532239)
take a guided birdwatching tour
take a guided tour in the Mesola wood "Boscone della Mesola" Natural Park (tel 3389144490)
go riding phone 0533355366  0533327464
hire a bicycle for a trip along the "Po di Goro" ( phone 3332945322  3391574627)
To gather more information about the “Delta del Po Park” you can follow the links: