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Located in the countryside of the UNESCO world heritage city of Ferrara, Farmhouse Le Occare is an ancient country house, dating back to the half of the 18th century, that has been very well preserved from the injuries of time.
The conservative restoration of the farmhouse main building, lasted more than one year, has been carried out with the goal to maintain all the aspects of the original architecture.
The ancient farmhouse was built with the front of the main building  exactly oriented toward est, like the near Belriguardo Castle. The day of the vernal and autumnal equinox at dusk and sunset the sun is in a perfect alignment, and pass from the main to the back door through the large central salon.

We decided to utilize all the new technologies in order to obtain an environmental friendly house. So we installed solar pits to improve the interiors luminosity instead of corrupting the building with an enlargement of the doors and of the windows, and to use the contribution of solar energy in the thermic central.
Moreover we have taken great care of thermic insulation and we have preserved the luxuriant woodbine covering of the walls.
The farmhouse is in the centre of an old open court, surrounded by a garden with a little swimming pool and a 30000 square meters of wooden area, highly populated by birds, a good spot for birdwatching. The crops of the farm are all around. We have ever spent great attention to the preservation of the environment and, in the property, we have left place for two old ponds and a great hedge more than 1 km long. All the area is protected from hunting.
Not far from Ferrara, farmhouse Le Occare is a quiet, peaceful place where it is possible to relax and feel a warm contact with nature and old style of life, with all the comforts of a high standard guest house.
At Le Occare Farmhouse we wish that our guests have the true feeling of the warmth of a private house. The ancient furniture comes back from the family and we welcome our guests to consult the rich library, with a lot of books about art and nature, in English, French and Italian.
Only 15,5 miles away from Ferrara Farmhouse Le Occare disposes of a pleasant little restaurant, with only four tables, and a charming three rooms guest house. The farmhouse has also an ancient firewood oven, completely restored, that allow us to serve you the traditional Ferrara bread “ciupéta”, home made and cooked in the traditional fashion.
For its location, near to the Belriguardo and Verginese castles, not far from the "Delta del Po" Park and close to the city of Ferrara, Farmhouse Le Occare is a good starting point to visit the interesting Ferrara territory.

The little charming restaurant is principally focused on regional recipes with large use of the products of the farm and of the kitchen garden, together with the truffles, mushrooms from the wood and the very special Ferrara caviar. An ancient firewood oven, carefully restored, allow us to cook the renowned traditional Ferrara bread, the «ciupèta», in the same original way it was still prepared in the 19th century.
Agriturismo Le Occare is also a little cosy four rooms guest house, with all the charm of a 3 centuries old farmhouse, but with all the comfort of an efficient restoration, in a pleasant and very quiet location.
Only 15.5 miles (25 km) far from Ferrara Agriturismo Le Occare Guest-house is still fully secluded from the traffic and the noises, in a very relaxing environment, away from the main roads.
For its location in the near countryside of Ferrara Agriturismo Le Occare offers you a quiet and pleasant accommodation, still in a short range of distance from Ferrara, an Unesco world heritage because of its magnificent medieval and renaissance architecture, its very well preserved city walls and its monuments. In the near proximity of the farmhouse there are the Belriguardo and Verginese castles and at a short distance the natural reserve of the Po Delta.